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If you need corrective lenses but don’t want to wear eyeglasses, or maybe you have a career or hobbies where glasses get in the way, you can wear contact lenses to correct your vision instead. At Dr. Gundersheimer’s Eye-Do Optical in Sherman, Texas, Jerry Gundersheimer OD uses his three decades of experience as an optometrist to fit you with the best contact lenses to correct your vision in comfort. Call or make an appointment online today for a contact lens exam.

What types of contact lenses are available?

You can choose from a wide variety of contact lenses at Dr. Gundersheimer’s Eye-Do Optical. Dr. Gundersheimer can prescribe the lenses that will correct your vision the best while providing the highest level of comfort.


Soft contact lenses are usually provided for daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly use. They’re made of soft, flexible plastic and are suitable for most prescriptions.

Gas permeable

Gas permeable lenses are often called hard contact lenses because they’re made of rigid plastic and can cover nearly all prescriptions. Hard lenses can last for a year or longer with proper care.


Toric lenses are soft contact lenses that are weighted to stay in one position on your eye to correct astigmatism.


Multifocal lenses include more than one prescription strength and are an excellent option for people who need corrective lenses to see far away and close up.

Dr. Gundersheimer also provides tinted and fashion lenses to enhance the color of your eyes.

How do I know which contact lenses are right for me?

Dr. Gundersheimer provides comprehensive eye exams to both identify the best prescription to correct your vision and the type of contact lenses for your vision needs.

If you need a contact lens prescription, Dr. Gundersheimer includes additional tests and measurements in your comprehensive eye exam. He needs to measure the surface of your eye and check that you have enough tear moisture to wear contacts comfortably.

What should I expect during contact lens exams and fitting?

While there are additional tests for a contact lens exam, you probably won’t notice any difference from a standard comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Gundersheimer checks your visual acuity, peripheral vision, and the health of your eyes as well as taking measurements to ensure a good contact lens fit.

You might feel nervous about trying contact lenses for the first time. Many people initially find the idea of putting something on to their eyeball a little uncomfortable. Dr. Gundersheimer and his team will help you learn to put your lenses in and take them out. They can teach you simple tricks that can make putting contact lenses in a breeze.

In addition to helping you get comfortable with your lenses, Dr. Gundersheimer offers follow-up appointments to make sure your lenses fit correctly and that you’re adapting to them. Any follow-up appointments you need are included in your initial exam and contact lens fitting price.

If you want to try contact lenses or need a new prescription, call or make an appointment online today.



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  • "Always helpful, always friendly, and always professional. I have been using this practice for years and never a complaint. Totally recommend their services."
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    Wesley S
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  • "Dr. Gundersheimer took his time to make sure I felt comfortable with the exam. My glasses were ready sooner than expected. Very satisfied. The staff is great!"
    Cathy W
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    Allen C
  • "Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff are all very friendly and informative. The atmosphere and experience is always pleasant."
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  • "Excellent service! Dr. Gundersheimer always goes above and beyond to take exceptional care of his patients. He and his staff are kind, professional and attentive. Always a pleasant experience! Thank you!"
    Kristina M
  • "A fun atmosphere, kind and helpful staff, and a great doctor! I was very happy with my visit. And my glasses!!"
    Mickinze V
  • "We have used Dr Gundersheimer for years. Always feel confident in our eye exams by him."
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  • "Really nice Dr and staff. Wait was a little but I was well worth it !"
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  • "I love going to see Dr. Gundersheimer! Not only do I get an eye exam, I get an explanation of what is going on with my eyes and what causes it as well as what to expect in the future with my eyes. He is very thorough in his exam and always makes sure to answer any questions I have."
    Will M
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