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Excellent experience! Very friendly staff...Very impressed with their customer service!

- K.C.
Posted February 13, 2018

I am 80 years old and I had my eye exam by Dr.Gundersheimer. I am very pleased with the care and concern he gave me. The doctor was very good to explain the changes in my e...

- J.B.
Posted February 13, 2018

After 3 specialists, I can see again, thanks to you!

- B.C.
Posted February 01, 2018

Wonderful staff!! Dr Gundershiemer was great with our 7 yr old. We were very pleased with our experience!

- H.C.
Posted February 01, 2018

I was having problems with blurred vision and headaches Dr. Gundersheimer made sure to take the time to do multiple tests to make sure I was ok and took the extra time and...

- L.B.
Posted February 01, 2018

I am thankful to be a patient of Dr. Gundersheimer!

- S.H.
Posted October 30, 2017

Courteous staff. I've always thought that Jerry is the best optometrist around this area. The lady who helped me find frames was knowledgeable and excited. I had no out of ...

- T.S.
Posted October 30, 2017

I am very pleased with Dr. Jerry because he takes his time when gi...

- K.G.
Posted September 13, 2017

Love this place; will always return.

- S.M.
Posted September 13, 2017

I've been going to Dr. Gundersheimer for 30 plus years and have never had an issue with the Dr. or his staff.

- M.M.
Posted September 13, 2017

Dr. Gundersheimer and staff are always kind, efficient, and glad to see you! Dr. Gundersheimer does a thorough eye exam and takes time to explain and answer any questions. ...

- J.B.
Posted September 13, 2017

The staff as well as the doctor are always very professional and very courteous. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

- T.W.
Posted August 10, 2017

I have been wearing contact lens since 1992. I have moved to three different states during that period and, of course, have been seen by three different eye doctors. Dr. Gu...

- J.C.
Posted April 10, 2017

Routine eye appointments are typically anxiety producing for me as I take prescriptions meds with potential macular involvement as an adverse side effect. Dr. Gundersheimer...

- V.L.
Posted April 10, 2017

My first visit was excellent. The office is pretty interesting. Dr. Gundersheimer is obviously a renaissance man and the wall's/room's decor proves that out. I didn't wait ...

- S.K.
Posted April 10, 2017

I've had many eye examinations, many pairs of glasses, and this was one of the best experiences I've had. Dr. Gundersheimer was patient and explained his findings, his assi...

- C.G.
Posted April 10, 2017

"Dr. G,optical examiner",  a long time provider of outstanding optical care. Never a question when you leave your appointment.

- D.W.
Posted March 15, 2017

Have been going to Dr. Gundersheimer since 1986 and has taken excellent care of our vision needs. He now sees 3 generations in our family! And I really like the Eye Do part...

- D. A.
Posted March 15, 2017

I've been seeing Dr. G for many years and I think he's the best in his field.

- E.M.
Posted February 20, 2017

Best experience ever!

- S.S.
Posted February 20, 2017

Dr. Gundersheimer has been our optometrist (my husband and I) for many years. He always does a through exam and give us all the information, including answering any and all...

- B.C.
Posted February 01, 2017

I had a great experience! The people are really friendly and helpful. Dr. Gundersheimer was very thorough and informative.

- K.S.
Posted November 04, 2016

The staff went above and beyond to make me comfortable. Very pleased with Dr. G.

- D.M.
Posted October 24, 2016

Everyone at Eye-Do optical was very helpful. One of the techs was very nice with a great sense of humor. I was in and out and had a great visit. Thanks!

- M.H.
Posted October 17, 2016

My kids always enjoy going to have their eyes checked by Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff. They take the time to explain what they are doing and what they're looking for.

- B.S.
Posted October 13, 2016

Visit was a 10/10 - A+

- G.S.
Posted September 26, 2016

Had my eyes checked after cataract surgery. My wife and I have been going to Dr. G for years. We are very happy with him.

- J.B.
Posted September 16, 2016

Dr. Gundersheimer has always ensured that my children and I receive a thorough exam and the proper fitting glasses and contacts for our needs. He and his staff have been co...

- C.P.
Posted September 15, 2016

You will not find a better service for your optical needs. Try Eye Do Optical. You will be glad you did.

- D.B.
Posted September 15, 2016

Great place! Glad I chose them. Very helpful and got what I needed.

- S.S.
Posted September 15, 2016

I have nothing but good things to say. All treated me with courtesy and Dr. Gundersheimer gave a very thorough examination and explained the results to me very clearly and patientl...

- J.D.
Posted August 17, 2016

I will never see anyone else.

- C. C.
Posted July 22, 2016

Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff were very friendly and thorough, explaining everything they did in detail. Dr. Gundersheimer went over the results of my eye exam with me very well ...

- V.H.
Posted July 22, 2016

I went here as a young child and now I've come back as an adult and both parts of my life has been an excellent experience with Eye Do Optical. The staff is so friendly and courteo...

- C.I.
Posted July 07, 2016

Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff is all around amazing! They make you feel comfortable and give you great advice on eye wear! Dr. Gundersheimer explained everything very well. Eye D...

- T.U.
Posted May 23, 2016

I feel like I am getting the very best service possible. Dr. G. takes great care of me and the staff can't be beat.

- N.H.
Posted May 23, 2016

It was the first exam in 22 years and I was thoroughly impressed. I will send everyone I know to Eye Do!

- A.H.
Posted May 02, 2016

Dr. Gundersheimer is a very personable and seems very thorough in his examination. He explained everything going on with my eyes in terms I could understand and relate to. I went t...

- M. B.
Posted May 02, 2016

Dr. Gundersheimer, his office and staff are efficient, kind and up to date in their practice. I have used their services since the late-nineties as well as our family and my parent...

- P.A.
Posted May 02, 2016

I have been coming to Dr. Gundersheimer for years because he is always so nice and professional. I love the girls on staff because I can always joke and cut up with them! As long a...

- A.L.
Posted April 21, 2016

I was very impressed with the staff and facility. Top notch equipment. They worked me in due to an eye issue and was more than accommodating...

- T.A.
Posted April 04, 2016

I had a wonderful time at Dr. Gundersheimer's office! Helen was extremely helpful and instrumental in assisting me with the selection of frames; she'...

- D.M.
Posted March 15, 2016

My daughter's first eye exam went very well. She was reluctant to go because she needed glasses. The staff was great with her and Dr. Gundersheimer w...

- K.P.
Posted March 15, 2016

My son's school nurse referred us to this office. When I called the staff was very courteous and prompt. We were scheduled for an appointment right away. During the appointment,...

- K.S.
Posted January 12, 2016

Awesome experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful, I would definitely recommend them.

- J.N.
Posted January 08, 2016

Probably the best eye doctor I have been to, very accurate and professional. Totally happy with the great improvement of my vision.

- C.G.
Posted January 05, 2016

I have been going to Dr.Gundersheimer for over 20 years. He and his staff have always been professional and have always been very nice to me, no matter how hard their day has be...

- M.M.
Posted November 09, 2015

Dr Gundersheimer was very helpful in explaining what was going on with my eyes and also what I need to do to help prevent more harm to my eyes and vision. I will continue to see...

- L.K.
Posted October 26, 2015

The office experience was very pleasant and felt comfortable. The best part was they are open on Saturday and appointment time was great for my schedule. Doctor and staff were a...

- L.L.
Posted October 20, 2015

We have been using this office for years and have always been extremely satisfied with Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff. They are awesome!

- S.S.
Posted September 14, 2015

I drive 75 miles one way to go to Dr. Gundersheimer. I like the way his office treats you and the thorough review.

- J.B.
Posted September 09, 2015

One visit and you will know why people say he is the best.

- D.S.
Posted September 09, 2015

My son and I have been seeing Dr. Gundersheimer for about 25 years. We always have great visits. He is so thorough. My son is handicapped and he has always gone the extra mile f...

- N.I.
Posted September 09, 2015

The best in Texoma.

- C.M
Posted September 09, 2015

Some procedures done by the Doctor have never been done on me before, the results were informative and educational for my condition. All procedures that were done were explained...

- T.B.
Posted August 20, 2015

My family has been seeing Dr. Gundersheimer since he was in Midway Mall. For 25 years he has been serving my family and helping us with all of our eye needs. We love you Dr.G.

- R.G.
Posted August 17, 2015

I appreciate being seen on such short notice. Your staff is very courteous and as always Dr. Gundersheimer was very complete in his exam.

- S.C.
Posted July 30, 2015

Dr. Gundersheimer is amazing. I have been a patient for years. I will not go to another doctor. I know he always has my best interests at heart and has never hesitated to refer ...

- C.K.
Posted June 21, 2015

Always great. I've been wearing glasses for decades and Dr. G. always gives me the very best fit.

- N.H.
Posted June 04, 2015

Dr. Gundersheimer & his staff made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped into the office until I left. I am very pleased to be a patient of Eye Do!!!

- W.W.
Posted June 01, 2015

Very friendly people! Dr. Gundersheimer did not just do an exam, he explained everything that is currently happening with my eyesight, and what we were going to do to correct th...

- P.T.
Posted May 29, 2015

I would recommend Eye Do Optical for anyone. The staff and doctor were very helpful.

- D.S.
Posted May 12, 2015

First time was a charm. Staff was very friendly and exam very thorough. I learned some things about myself and my daughter that I was never told by any other doctor. Great Job! ...

- A.M.
Posted May 10, 2015

My experience was perfect as always. I've been seeing this doc for many years. I feel very safe concerning every part of exam and service. They also have top rate lens and frame...

- L.N.
Posted March 26, 2015

The entire staff was courteous, helpful, and kind in every way. We LOVE our glasses. Right out of GQ and Vogue!

- M.H.
Posted March 06, 2015

Always professional and friendly. Exams are throrough and not rushed. As a diabetic, a retina exam is important. Always takes time to explain the photos and send copies to my pr...

- G.T.
Posted January 19, 2015

The staff was friendly and they know their job. Dr.Gundersheimer was very nice and he gave me eye test that I have never had with my other routine visits with other eye doctors....

- K.T.
Posted January 17, 2015