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Eye exams

Dr. Gundersheimer addresses each individual through a thorough case-by-case basis; you will not be herded through in “cookie cutter” fashion in his office! Case histories are carefully taken to help provide what is necessary for the examination, the exam then becomes tailored to those specific needs, explanations of normal and abnormal conditions are provided, any questions you still have are then answered, and lastly, treatment strategies are implemented which are appropriate for your particular set of signs and symptoms, including additional testing, if required.

Dr. Gundersheimer utilizes a computerized phoropter (the instrument with all the rotating lenses inside) which allows for more precise and accurate refinements of your spectacle prescription, as well as instantaneous comparisons of old and new lens powers, which simplifies patient responses and leaves you feeling more confident that you have properly conveyed “Which was better?” to the doctor.

vision products

Our prescription lenses are manufactured by HOYA, and the HOYA name is synonymous with quality and precision optics. Their no-line bifocals are easier to adapt to and second-to-none.  Their EX3 anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating carries a 2 year warranty against defects.  Their Avantek line of almost invisible frames creates truly distortion-free optics and ultra high definition spectacle lenses- you will be amazed!

contact lenses

A wide array of contact lenses are at your fingertips: tinted, extended wear, astigmatic (toric), bifocal, gas permeable (hard contacts). We can fit almost ANY amount of astigmatism with a contact lens. And your follow-ups are ALWAYS part of your fitting fees with us—no matter how many are necessary—you are NEVER charged “a-la-carte” after your fit.


You will find your own special look from our huge selection of designer frames.  We strive to have frames of all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and prices—you need not search elsewhere.  Our frames all carry a minimum one-year warranty against breakage and manufacturer's defects, so you can be confident you are truly getting your money's worth when you purchase your eyewear from Dr. Gundersheimer's Eye-do Optical.

Primary Eye Care

Optometrists are the “gate-keepers” for your vision care needs. As an optometrist practicing in the full scope allowed by the State of Texas, Dr. Gundersheimer evaluates and prescribes glasses and contact lenses, evaluates and treats minor eye complications such as abrasions, eye infections, and foreign body removal. He also tests for and treats uncomplicated glaucoma, evaluates diabetics for retinal and other involvement, monitors hypertensive patients, co-manages cataracts pre- and post-operatively, co-manages LASIK patients, and much, much more.

With an array of equipment not available in some other offices, an arsenal of information regarding your eyes is at his disposal. When a problem which requires a referral to an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) is evident, Dr. Gundersheimer and his staff will seamlessly assist you with the referral and necessary follow-up appointments (if need be).

We enjoy seeing the entire family, from pre-K children to great, great grandparents!


Eye-do Optical has a wide array of designer frames to fit most any budget. Several of these frames are exclusive to our optical. If you are looking for that unique statement to reflect the true you, have a chat with our experienced Optical Manager, and let her show you how great you can look and see with your new eyewear. For a partial gallery of our frames click here. Choosing your new frames is the first step. There are many lens options we offer which take your vision to the next level, and just aren’t found in “one hour” retail optical chains. From high-definition no-line bifocals, to the latest in anti-reflective and blue-blocking (so helpful to alleviate the eye stress from our computers, cell phones, and other PDA’s) lens coatings, there is no reason to shop anywhere else for your new glasses!

We also accept many of the leading vision plans, which can help you out tremendously with your out-of-pocket expenses. Click here for a partial listing of the vision plans accepted by our office.

Come see why so many satisfied patients prefer to shop in our boutique for their new fashion frames!

Contact Lenses

“Are contact lenses right for me?” “I’m not sure I can put them in my eyes.” “What kinds are there?” “I’ve been told I can’t wear them because I have astigmatism.” “But I’m in bifocals—what options are there for me?”
Dr. Gundersheimer, with his over 30 years’ worth of experience, can answer any of your contact lens questions or address any concerns which arise as you try them out and wear them long-term. Our office charges a set fitting and follow-up fee, so you aren’t “nickel-and-dimed” with charges should routine problems arise throughout the year. Dr. Gundersheimer also gladly sees you back, no matter how many visits are required, until your fitting is complete; you are never made to feel like “a burden” if you have a complaint or difficulty.
Whether it’s lenses to be worn overnight, or those disposed of every single day, we offer options right for almost anyone who wants to try contact lenses.

Glaucoma Detection & Treatment

One of the most occult thiefs of your vision is glaucoma—you could have full-blown glaucoma and never know it. You could have lost a good portion of your field of vision, never to regain it, and be totally unaware. Does this concern you? If you haven’t had an eye exam in 5-10+ years, it ought to.

Dr. Gundersheimer routinely screens for this silent scourge of vision, and will discuss any risk factors you might have, as well as any indications for concern picked up during your exam. If any doubt is evident, additional tests will be explained and arranged in-house for you. Should an ophthalmological consult be required, one will then be arranged for you.

Dr. Gundersheimer can then monitor your progress on your medication/treatment.

Diabetic Eye Exams

If you have diabetes, an annual eye exam is a must for you, to ensure that there are no negative effects on (or in!) your eyes. It’s not a question of “if”, but “when” eye problems will begin to be seen by your vision care provider, as your disease progresses over time. This is a sobering thought to those who have been diagnosed over 15-20 years prior, and all the more reason to schedule eye exams annually and maintain the strictest control you can over your blood sugar.

Dr Gundersheimer will carefully assess your retinas, and other susceptible ocular structures, looking for any signs visible in your eyes which require monitoring or referral. He works closely with local ophthalmologists to coordinate your treatment, should that become necessary for you.

Cataract Evaluation

The greatest factor in cataract generation is UV exposure over the years. Dr. Gundersheimer always jokingly tells his patients he hopes they develop cataracts—that means they’ve been around a long time! They are simply inevitable as we tack on the years.

Dr. Gundersheimer evaluates for those changes in the lenses of your eyes routinely at each exam, and alters your prescriptions as long as possible, to help postpone any surgery for you. When it comes time for a cataract to be removed, he will make the appropriate referral, and then follow you throughout your post-operative recovery period, all the way until your final prescription is determined.

LASIK Vision Evaluation

LASIK is a viable vision correction option for a great many patients. Dr. Gundersheimer underwent the procedure himself about 20 years ago. So, he has the perspective of not only one who recommends the procedure, but also one who had LASIK, too. LASIK is not for everybody—there are many who cannot, or should not, have the procedure, and Dr. Gundersheimer counsels his patients with honesty as to whether they should continue to pursue it. Only if there are legitimate concerns or medical reasons will he dissuade a patient from LASIK.

He will recommend only the best surgeons in the area, and he will outline in detail for you everything to expect prior to and after your surgery, following up with you throughout your recovery period. There are many happy LASIK patients who have come to Dr. Gundersheimer for their initial evaluations!